Monday, October 6, 2008

Class of 1993 15 year Reunion Attendance

Sorry I didn't post this sooner. The following list is people that have rsvp'd and are coming (I have not received money from a few of you, so please send immediately, if you haven't done so). I will be listing the gals with their maiden names so that you know who they are.

Joe Albrecht
Michelle Arndt
Aaron Beck
Melany Becker
David Bonnefield
Todd Borchert
Holly Borth
Deb Brandenburg
Tawnya Bratsch
James Bundy
Eric Bushard
Nicole Chase
Mark Debban
Eric Dietz
Joye Schmeling
Shawn Ennis
Nicole Fluegge
Heidi Fritz
Brett Grams
Kristen Grams
Jennifer Guse
Shannon Healy
Derek Helget
Joleen Heuchert
Tammy Hoffman
Jed Hunstad
Sam Jacobs
Sarah Jensen
Jill Johnson
Kori Johnson
Mike Johnson
Jay Kalk
Allison Koeckeritz
Brad Kral
Candy Laabas
Shannon LeGare
Travis Leskey
Larry Mack
Todd Miller
Kurt Moelter
Jason Olson
Nate Plagge
Jamey Portner
Maggie Roiger
Nate Rolloff
Becky Schall
Beth Schiltz
Joye Schmeling
Steve Schmidt
Dustin Schweiss
Stacie Seifert
Eric Setterholm
Jenny Sprenger
Tessa Sprenger
Rachel Sunderman
Christa Tess
Mindy Thorson
Rachel Volz
Dana Waltz
Terry Wellmann
Chasity Wendler
Alisha Wilke
Nicole Zins
Paula Zwach

Some people that are not on this list but have been in contact with me are still trying to find out if they can make it. So the count is around 110 so far (that includes some of the above people bringing guests) It does not include the people who have yet to get back to me. If you don't see a name on this list, it doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't coming, they are just trying to work it into their schedule or they have sent their money and it is on the way. Either way, we have a wonderful turnout so far. I will keep you all posted and add to this list as they come in.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hey everyone! The details for the class reunion are below this post, so scroll down if you need to see the details. This is a list of people that are MIA! I have searched and searched and paid money on a website to track these people down and simply cannot find them! Please check the list out and if you see anyone that you are in contact with, please email me at I want everyone to be aware of the reunion, I don't want anyone left out, so your help would be greatly appreciated. I will post a list by the end of the week or sooner possibly, of people who are coming to the reunion!

Deana Gersch (apparently her last name is Atkinson)
Michael Isenberg
Stacy Johnson
Dave Koch
Brad Koons
Bill Krauss
Kymarie Kuester
Mark Lough
Tom Mathews
Khang Nguyen
Christine Schmidt
John Schroeder
James Silva
Jennifer Sjogren
Jessica Ubel
Shaun Wintheiser

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Class of 1993 Reunion Update & Final Details!

Here it is Guys and Gals! The OFFICIAL CLASS OF 1993, 15 YEAR CLASS REUNION details as of Oct. 1, 2008! As you all may now know, I am in charge of this reunion and want to make it a huge success! I already have ALOT of people that are planning on being there and have received their money already! The details are:
What: Class of 1993 - 15 Year Class Reunion
When: Saturday, November 1, 2008
Where: New Ulm Armory
205 North Broadway
New Ulm, Mn 56073
Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm Social Hour
6:30pm - 7:30pm Dinner
7:30pm - 8:00pm "A Walk Down Memory Lane"

Please plan to get there within the social hour timeframe to get checked in!I have booked the B & L Bar to set up a full bar which will include their beer wagon. The bar will be cash or checks only. There are ATM machines located close to the armory if you need to get cash!As I have stated in previous messages, the cost is $40 for a couple or $20 if you are planning on attending alone. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THAT I NEED YOUR MONEY NOW in order to make this happen! I HAD previously posted a deadline of SEPTEMBER 15th however I still am trying to get in touch with people. So...I need you to contact me ASAP! I need to know if you are attending or are not attending. If you are attending, I need your money right away! The reason for this is that there was only $30 some dollars in the reunion account from the past two reunions and in order to put this reunion on I have to pay deposits to the armory, the caterer and the DJ in addition to paying them their full amounts the day of the reunion. There will be no acceptance at the door and no entry unless you've paid in advance. I am sorry if this sounds harsh, I don't mean to imply it that way, it is just that the meals will be ordered according to the head count I have with the rsvp's that I have received! If I don't have enough people attending, we can't make this happen! Since there is very little money in the reunion account, the decision was made to not send out invites, so this is your invite! The people that aren't on Facebook or will be tracked down with the help of you and with the work of myself and those who are nearby who have offered to help me make this happen! If you can spread the word, have those people call me at 507-354-2440 in the evening from 3:00pm on or 507-276-5735 during the day. Or they can email me at I also am asking that any of you that have pictures from high school, if you could send one, two or more to me with your names on the back (so I can get them back to you the night of the reunion) I would appreciate it. The pictures can be memories, silly moments or to embarrass one of our friends - god knows there was some embarrassing ones of me at the ten year! LOL! When you send your money, please include on a sheet of paper, your name (and maiden if married), address, phone, email and if you have a picture of your family (again with your name on the back) would be great!Again, I need you all to get in touch with me if you haven't already rsvp'd! I have already started receiving monies and am expecting a WONDERFUL turnout! Please do your very best to plan to attend! Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at the numbers listed above or on Facebook or! I would like to know also who will not be able to attend. So even if you can't come, please let me know, that way I will know that everyone received an invite! Checks are fine, just make them out to me, or if you live in town you can drop it off at my house if you prefer. To send your money, my address is :
Chasity Armstrong
611 South Jefferson
New Ulm, MN 56073

Hotel accomodations are:
Holiday Inn: 507-359-2941
Microtel Inn & Suites: 507-354-9800
Super 8 Motel: 507-359-2400
The Colonial Inn: 307-354-3128
The Affordable New Ulm Motel: 507-359-1414

There is a cab service in town: 507-354-6319

I look forward to seeing you all and hope that everyone can make it! I think that is all I have for now. If there is anything else, I will keep you posted!

Take care and see you soon!

Monday, September 15, 2008

93' Class Reunion Update

Hi Gang! I need you to disregard the old rsvp deadline. It was set for Sept. 15 which is today but unfortunately I am still trying to track people down, so if you haven't sent in your money yet, please do so. Get in touch with me either way and let me know if you plan to attend. We are slowly climbing in attendance and would love for everyone to be there! Again, if any of you are still in touch with old classmates, please let them know of this blog page and the reunion! I do not want anybody left out and all the help you can give me is appreciated. I have finals this week so I will be making alot of headway later in the week trying to contact people! Please plan to attend and contact me at either way and then get your money to me. I will set an absolute deadline very soon and it will be soon so get in touch with me. I will post later this week, hopefully with names of people I need to find yet. Have a good week!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Need to find classmates!

Hey New Ulm Senior High School Class of '93.........I still need some help finding people and still have not heard back from alot of people! The deadline is Sept. 15 and we are short on people to make reunion happen! Please let me know if you are planning to come or not, either way, I need to know! I will be putting a list together of people that I am having trouble finding this weekend and will have to extend their deadline a week or so (that does not mean that those of you that already know have extra time) so if you can check back this weekend, I will have the list on this blog page and hopefully you can help me track these people down! I want to see as many at the reunion as possible! Keep checking this and if you haven't already, please respond if you are coming! Thanks!

Friday, August 15, 2008

More info on reunion

Hey guys and gals! I need EVERYONE'S help. So many of you have already offered your help and believe me, I will take you all up on it at some point here! From all of you, I need CURRENT names, addresses, emails and phone numbers of all classmates that you know. I am in the works with the reception hall and entertainment as of this morning and the dates we are working with for the reunion are either Nov. 8 or Nov. 22. I am shooting for Nov. 8 but will know by today if that has to change to the 22. I want to save postage costs so I want as many much info on people that I can. What I need those of you to do that know you will be attending the reunion regardless, I am asking for $40.00 a couple ($20.00 if you are coming alone). I need to get the money ASAP to place deposits for the hall, the entertainment, and postage and meal deposit. To all of you, we are strongly hoping for at the very least, 60 couples to be able to cover everything! We were unfortunate to have small turnouts for the 5 and 10 year reunions but I am determined to get as many people as possible. We spent what, 13 YEARS of our lives together, I think we owe it to ourselves to keep in touch! Please as soon as you read this, get me the info that you can, it would be greatly appreciated! I also do not know alot of your married names to the girls, so I apologize in advance if you are addressed as your maiden name! I want everyone's address, email and phone number if possible. If you plan to attend, please send your money (checks are totally fine, since we don't want to send cash in the mail) either $40 for two of you or $20 if you are coming yourself and send it to me at Chasity Armstrong
611 South Jefferson
New Ulm, MN 56073
once I get your money, I will check you off the list as paid and I will send you the information on the reunion. Also, when you send your money, please include on a piece of paper your full name (with maiden name also for girls), your spouse's name, children's names and ages, where you live, your occupation and your phone number and email. I would like to put something together for future reunions. Also, include any pictures from high school that you may have, I would like to put together a slide show. Put your name on the back of the pictures so that I can get them back to you. That should do it for now...but keep checking facebook for more details. I realize that with the price of gas nowadays and commitments that you all may have that you may disregard this reunion, but I ask of all of you, lets make this memorable, try as hard as you can to be a part of this reunion - THE MORE PEOPLE, THE MORE FUN! Also, we will not be able to accept people at the door. Unfortunately, if you haven't paid in advance, you will not be able to attend. I realize this sounds harsh but we have to have a final head count for the meal and there will be no extra meals prepared because of the cost, and the cost of the hall and the entertainment needs to be paid in advance. So please remember that. Thanks all and hope to hear from you REAL SOON!